Hey everybody I am in heaven. Teamistress has made a Tookah blend for me.It is amazing. She is a truly awesome woman.If you love tea check out her website “The steam was rising from a cup of morning tea and as I glanced through it I caught a fleeting and frozen image of my face. It was at this very moment I looked inside myself and discovered, I am ancient.”Tyler Knott Gregson

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175 dollars a month for my antidepressant medication. I guess it’ll be worth it I’d it works.

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i highly recommend reading a book while listening to new music, because you will associate the two together. it will make the music more beautiful and the book unforgotten. 

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my i terminated my netflix account last month and i tried to watch a movie and it asked me to renew my membership, but my credit card expires this month so i have to use my new card, but i havent activated it yet and instead of getting out of bed to get my wallet and picking up the phone to activate my card, i am laying in bed at 5 in the morning on tumblr not watching “girl interupted”

i have a doctors appointment tomorrow and i’m going to be hung over, assuming i wake up before 2 o’clock. 

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